State Owned Foreign Trade Unitary Enterprise (SFTUE) “BELVNESHPROMSERVICE”

Belvneshpromservice is a state-owned foreign trade unitary enterprise established in order to promote Belarusian products of the defense economy sector to the foreign markets.

Belvneshpromservice possesses the full package of state licenses, certificates and permissions for foreign economic activities in the market of special-purpose goods, works and services. The company has the right to perform the upgrade, repair and supply of armament, military equipment, goods of military-technical purpose, components, special technological equipment and materials.

Belvneshpromservice offers:
-export and import of military, special and dual-purpose products, manufactured in the former USSR, the CIS countries;
-delivery of Air Defense, Air Force and Land Forces armaments, materiel and ammunition;
-delivery of spare parts for Air Defense, Air Force and Land Forces armaments and materiel;
- upgrading of Air Defense, Air Force and Land Forces armaments and materiel;
- services related to overhaul of systems and individual units of armaments, materiel and stores at the production and refurbishment factories of the Republic of Belarus and at the Customers’ facilities with subsequent maintenance and warranty service of this equipment;
- research and development in the interests of the Customer with a view of creating and upgrading armaments, materiel and stores, preparation of recommendations about subsequent employment of the equipment;
- training of specialists for the Armed Forces.

The geography of supplies of our enterprise is sufficiently wide including the regions such as the Middle East, Africa, South America. Experience, Stability and Reliability – are the words our partners use to describe us.

Thus, thanks to the enterprise state status, professionalism and long-term working experience of our specialists as well as their concernment for cooperation, Belvneshpromservice enjoys a high reputation in the market of special-purpose goods (works, services).